Why Palava City?

Palava planned and designed integrated city by the smart minds. Developed by the Lodha Group and managed by Palava City Management Association is named to be the smartest city in India.

Palava has been home to over 20,000 happy families. This city offers a range of international standard facilities including world-class educational institutions, high-quality sports facilities, Xperia mall within the project, 5-tier security, grand clubhouses, community spaces and more.  Palava brings you the fulfilling urban life in a progressive ecosystem.

Palava is located at the junction of Dombivali, Navi Mumbai and Kalyan. It is conveniently close to the major Hub locations. It is envisioned to become the largest ever privately planned development in urban India. A smart city with highest liveability quotient.

Happily delivered the homes to the families in lively Phase 1, Palava now is developing Phase 2 of this city. This phase is marked with a 100 acres of Forest Greens & 100 acres of Commercial district. This is not all, there is 2.5 Km of dedicated lane designed for the high street premium Retail outlets. Along, with this there is 16 acres of land parcel allotted for Olympic standard sports complex.

A centre to a lively lifestyle, entertainment, health centres, educational institutes, sports and everything you would need for a proper contemporary lifestyle. Palava is preparing to be listed in the top 50 most liveable cities.

Come be a part of the smartest city and elevate your lifestyle upgrading it with the best.

Pre Launches and Exclusive offers available.

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