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Why to invest in real estate during Corona Virus Crisis? Is Property Rates Reduces? Is Builder Giving Some Aditional Discounts? Your all questions will be answered in this blog one by one…So Lets get started with the first.

I am tremendous no one oldsters had ever witnessed this united states of America lockdown scenario. When India entered in March 2020, we have been set to celebrate the colors of happiness. Ever did we perceive that the last week of the month will shut us in our homes? At least I did not believe this.

Yes, there’s panic everywhere, and sure the scenario is critical, I do now not deny the statistics which are rolling up on all data channels and filling up the internet. But do you need to come to be this lock downtime just to expect the outcomes and listen to this corona outbreak all the time, or do you need to crack this possibility to dig the gold? This pandemic has rightly taught us that uncertainties come unexpectedly. So are we prepared to face such a situation again?

 If the answer is No, I endorse that utilize this time to make investments on resources of passive income. This is an excellent time to understand numerous viable funding options available where you may begin your passive earnings and stabilize your future and defend your family.

Although there are alternatives like SIP, Mutual Funds, Shares, etc. Than why Real Estate?

 Real Estate has proved to be the most reliable funding alternative so far, thinking about banks’ situations, share market crashes and no capital appreciation on any other option that may look safe initially.


1. Competitive Risk

Adjustment Returns : Based on July 2018 data from National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), personal marketplace commercial actual estate returned a mean of 9.85% over the past five years. This credible overall performance become achieved, collectively with low volatility relative to equities and bonds, for highly aggressive risk-adjustment returns.

2. High Tangible Asset Value

Real property is not paper money, that is the asset you can maintain tangibly which all over again will increase its reliability and go lower back on funding.

3. Attractive and Stable Income Return

The condo yield from real property is much better than returns on any conventional resources of investment. Commercial investment can yield up to 12% ROI and lowest to 5% ROI (with capital appreciation) depending upon the development degree and hire terms of the property.

4. Inflation Hedging

The inflation hedging functionality of actual estate stems from the outstanding relationship amongst GDP increase and speak to for real belongings. As economies expand, the call for tangible property derives rents higher, and this, in turn, interprets into better capital values


Most of the humans inquisitive about searching for actual property would probably be keeping their choice until the lockdown opens due to speculations in the marketplace or chance referring to financial conditions. Yet for any smart investor who’s observing the modern market will testify shopping for real estate all through lock right down to be the neatest move. Here is why –

1. Deficit Demand

Real belongings are dealing with deficit call for in the marketplace, which leads to the technology of numerous attractive gives by Developers’ usage. To preserve the most refreshing books, builders are presently imparting meager rates, lucrative price plans, and additional offers ensuing in reducing the fee of belongings. End-consumer can anticipate buying belongings as low because of the launch price for the duration of this lockdown.

2. Reduction in Repo Rate

RBI assertion for reducing Repo price by way of .75%, and the brand new base fee is 4.4%. This will reduce the loan interest fees utilizing as a minimum of 0.75%. This turns the sentiments of domestic seekers – fantastic. So indeed, this is the right time to buy your property if the choice grew to become genuinely hiding in the lower back of the corner for a few higher charges or correct units.

3. Passive Income

Various small funding options are being introduced within the market, beginning as low as five lacs in actual property that, too, with rental profits. This is an opportunity to create a separate asset beauty to your portfolio and start a supply of passive income.

4. Demand- Supply breakthrough

Due to low demand, discounted expenses on genuine inventories are to be had. But as soon as the monetary circumstance starts settling, the excellent buy will lessen and get in touch with for will also begin floating upwards. The fees will now not be as low as they’re now inside the course of lockdown. Strike the iron when it’s far 

5. Strike the iron when it's far hot

We all ought to have heard this at the least once. But its time to put in force the approach to advantage giant returns on the investment. Not handiest, the charge is hanging low; they go back on funding is being offered to utilize some developers as high as 18%.

6. Brand Integrity

Though its a capturing star possibility to shop for actual property now, yet continually go for a grade one category developer. During lock down, you’ve got more time to do your diligence approximately the projects, builder history and destiny prosperity of the investment. Use this time to chose excellent proposition for yourself, take professional recommendation and than ebook your dream asset.

7. The Drawback: Lack of liquidity

Unlike other monetary assets, real belongings take 2-3 months to liquidate. Until you are getting actual condo earnings or your very own use home or office, you have to preserve patience for one region time on a minimum aspect to liquidate your assets.

The Bottom Line: 

Real assets are a splendid asset beauty that is easy to understand and can beautify the hazard and return profile of an investor’s portfolio. On its very personal, real estate offers aggressive threat-adjusted returns, with much much less principal-agent warfare and attractive earnings streams. Though ill-liquidity can be an issue for some investors, there are approaches to advantage exposure to real estate yet reduce ill-liquidity or even carry it on-par with that of traditional asset classes.

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