Hidden Jewels of Real Estate

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Real Estate is considered and believed to be the best investment option. Unlike, stocks and shares, this involves less risk. Besides, investing in real estate is long term. As compared to other modes of investment, this needs lesser attention and skills. All you would need is basic knowledge of real estate and study of the property that you would be investing in

However, as easy as it seems, the study and research should be good enough for you to justify your decision. If you want to add value to your money, It needs a lot of planning. A lot of factors come into consideration. Again, this differs if you’re looking for investing in real estate or self-use. If you’re looking for a Ready to Move or an Under Construction property. Every alteration in the choice will have modifications in the planning. It’s an easy-tough decision to make. And however easy or tough that this process is, most importantly, it’s a Big Decision of Life. So it’s good to choose the right and make sure it doesn’t burn a hole in pockets.

Real Estate is a huge industry and has a lot of competition. A lot of top well-known developers and end number of others. In the quest of finding the best, we explore a lot of properties through some advertisements, campaigns, etc. We look through a lot to make sure our decision of investment in any real estate property doesn’t go wrong. But in the entire journey, we miss out some really beautiful projects by not so known developers, which are not much into marketing and of less hype. There are a number of such projects that are not known to many but are in true sense ‘ Value to Money’ projects.

We, at PropertiesMela, understand you and so we are more than happy to take a step ahead and introduce such projects which may not be a big name but definitely a big value to your money. Each day we will bring to you information that will guide you through.

Every week, we will come up with a project that is not only a perfect option for investing in real estate but also budget friendly and with modern planning.


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